It sounds too good to be true, but it’s true.

Good design will make your business more profitable. It’s true! Melvin Day helps you understand how. We are a brand consultancy that works hand in glove with our clients. Throughout the design process. From the very first crucial decision. Deciding together which is the best design agency for you to collaborate with, to get the best and most exciting results.

What can we do for you?

Corporate Brand Strategy with a heart and soul.

Melvin Day is passionate about brand strategies for corporate companies. Companies where a lot of people work. As we see it, the people who work at your company are your company. A good brand starts from the inside.

As we did for: Motion10, Scentronix, Kunstenbond

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A visual identity doesn’t have to be visual.

We create strategies that lead to more than just a visual identity. It can be a narrative. Interaction. A movement. Even a sound. It’s all about what pulls people into the story. What makes the brand live and breathe. Our honourable task is to identify and create the tools and brand cues the brand needs.

As we did for: Nationale opera & ballet, Centraal Museum, CRH

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Building bridges.

Melvin Day is the bridge between clients and creatives. Balancing the logical and the emotional. The head and the heart. We help you understand how design and designers can benefit your organisation. While also helping designers better understand your business and business objectives. This improves the working and creative process, leading to better results.

As we did for: Boom Publishers, Province of North-Holland, Blink Educational Publishers

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Let's meet

It’s good to talk.

We can tell you how great we are. You might even like our cases. But a website is no way to meet Melvin Day. There’s still nothing better than a good old fashioned conversation. You might even like us. More importantly, we might be able to help with your challenges.