Some of our works


Melvin day in collaboration withEnchilada

Client: Motion10

Helping organizations to be agile and successful

Motion 10 is a fast-growing IT firm. We’d like to take some credit for that. Especially considering the long-term commitment and collaboration from the client and ourselves. We have been advising Motion 10 for over seven years. On its strategy concerning marketing, communications and even HR.

Algorithmic Perfumery

Melvin day in collaboration withGeorge&Harrison

Client: Scentronix

The Algorithmic Perfumery

Scentronix believes that everyone in the world should have their own unique perfume. Pretty cool. To help this ambitious start-up we created a clear strategic foundation. The basis for all the company stands for.  


Melvin day in collaboration withThonik & Vruchtvlees

Client: Kunstenbond

For creatives and artists

Kunstenbond broke away from the largest trade union in the Netherlands, FHV. Their new-found independence led to some soul searching. Who are we? What are we doing? Why are we doing it? We helped the organization find its raison d’être. Its mission, vision, proposition, positioning, and marketing and communication strategy.

We did Corporate Brand Strategy for

  • Kunstenbond
  • Motion10
  • Scentronix
  • Solidaridad
  • Museum Amsterdam
  • Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
  • Pictoright
  • Coopr
  • De Meervaart

How do we work?

Melvin Day will never work for you.

Our policy is rather strict: we only work with clients. So, if you’re planning to sit back and wait for the finished strategy and design work, you’ve come to the wrong website. We will ask you lots of questions. We will spend time at your company talking to people who work there. We will be sharing our thoughts and ideas to make sure we are always on the same wavelength. We won’t give you a moment’s peace.

Another thing, if you’re looking for a brand consultancy which creates big, thick 500-page reports, you’re going to be very disappointed. We only produce strategies and designs that you can put to immediate use. We believe in small smart strategic steps and big progress. Always with the long-term in mind. Always aware of the business objectives.

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WE CAN TELL YOU how great we are. You might even like our cases. But a website is no way to meet Melvin Day. There’s still nothing better than a good old fashioned conversation. You might even like us. More importantly, we might be able to help with your challenges.