Some of our works

Boom Publishers

Melvin day in collaboration withDog & Pony

Client: Boom Publishers

Founded in 1841, but what do you do in 2019?

How can we bring quality and consistency to our line of book covers? What exactly is our story? How can we manage the involvement of editors, marketers, sales and publishers? And what exactly should the briefing be? Questions, questions, questions. Working closely with the client, Melvin Day helped them find the answers.

Province of North-Holland

Melvin day in collaboration withEdenspiekermann

Client: Province of North-Holland

For the eye of the community

The Netherlands is rightly proud of its democratic traditions. However, rather more demanding when everyone wants to have a say in the decision-making process. That was just one of the challenges making the visual identity for the Province of North Holland. The other elephant in the room, you might think that everyone knows what the province does, but is that really the case? Do people really know? We turned these challenges around. The result was a clear visual style, for the long-term, embraced by all stakeholders. As if this wasn’t enough, our smart strategic choices and design efficiency led to a saving of €550,000. 


Client: Blink Educational Publishers

An eye opener

The grass is always greener. What you have inhouse is often unappreciated. So it was with the inhouse design team from Blink. Together with the inhouse design team, we helped to organise and streamline the design process. The team evolved, becoming more effective. With our guidance they learned to communicate with the marketers. The marketers no longer thought that the grass was greener outside of Blink. 

We did Design Management for

  • CRH
  • Province of North-Holland
  • BAM
  • Boom Publishers
  • City of Zaanstad
  • City of Velsen
  • Blink Publishers
  • Zoontjens
  • Scentronix

How do we work?

Melvin Day will never work for you.

Our policy is rather strict: we only work with clients. So, if you’re planning to sit back and wait for the finished strategy and design work, you’ve come to the wrong website. We will ask you lots of questions. We will spend time at your company talking to people who work there. We will be sharing our thoughts and ideas to make sure we are always on the same wavelength. We won’t give you a moment’s peace.

Another thing, if you’re looking for a brand consultancy which creates big, thick 500-page reports, you’re going to be very disappointed. We only produce strategies and designs that you can put to immediate use. We believe in small smart strategic steps and big progress. Always with the long-term in mind. Always aware of the business objectives.

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