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Who is Roel Stavorinus?

Roel is the founder and world’s first Melvin Day. His specialist subjects are corporate identity, corporate culture and corporate behaviour. He is keenly interested in how people work and communicate with each other and the outside world. To keep an objective view, he lives far, far away from people, in a small remote farmhouse in Noord-Brabant.

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Annoek Jansen

Annoek Jansen, a qualitative researcher of rare quality.

20 years of analysing, questioning, digging, facilitating, consulting, moderating, exploring, positioning, training, recommending, searching and researching. Annoek finds findings in findings. Insights in insights. She’s painted more big pictures than you’ll find in the Louvre.

Annoek Jansen, a qualitative researcher of rare quality. on LinkedIn
Paul Falla

Paul Falla. Not your typical typical Brit.

Native English copywriter, born in London to Greek, Irish stock, with a mysteriously Spanish surname. Worked in London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Shanghai, as a Creative Director of advertising agencies, digital agencies, design bureaus and a PR company. Also, Marketing Director for an international pet food brand. Over 30 years of experience, he is finally ready to be Melvin Day.

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