Some of our works

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Melvin day in collaboration withLesley Moore

Client: Nationale opera & ballet

Treading lightly

Three companies. Three entirely different cultures. One challenging merger. We found one voice and one image, using colour so that the three groups could still shine for themselves. With logic and artistic feeling, movement, the internet and the social media environment as the starting principles for the visual identity.

This project was a collaboration between Lesley Moore and Roel Stavorinus.

Centraal Museum

Melvin day in collaboration withLesley Moore

Client: Centraal Museum

Making the circle central

How do we position Centraal Museum as the centre of contemporary art in the Netherlands? And allow freedom of content for curators? And create strong brand cues? It’s something that could have you going around in circles. Which in this instance would have been no bad thing. A central location at the centre of the Netherlands for the centre of contemporary art. The circle was round. The circle became central to all the ideas.

This project was a collaboration between Lesley Moore and Roel Stavorinus.


Melvin day in collaboration withCommercial Art

Client: CRH

World leader in the business of building materials

CRH employs 90,000 people at 3,700 locations worldwide. It is also a Fortune 500 company. It’s no small potatoes to create designs that speak to so many companies, cultures and countries. Being both bold enough to stand out and flexible enough to bring nuance, emotion and gravitas.

We did visual identities for

  • Motion10
  • Centraal Museum
  • Dutch Opera & Ballet
  • Province of North-Holland
  • The National Theatre
  • City of Zaanstad
  • De Meervaart
  • Pictoright
  • Museum Amsterdam

How do we work?

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Our policy is rather strict: we only work with clients. So, if you’re planning to sit back and wait for the finished strategy and design work, you’ve come to the wrong website. We will ask you lots of questions. We will spend time at your company talking to people who work there. We will be sharing our thoughts and ideas to make sure we are always on the same wavelength. We won’t give you a moment’s peace.

Another thing, if you’re looking for a brand consultancy which creates big, thick 500-page reports, you’re going to be very disappointed. We only produce strategies and designs that you can put to immediate use. We believe in small smart strategic steps and big progress. Always with the long-term in mind. Always aware of the business objectives.

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